Email Tracking

  • Track email opens
  • Track clicks on links in emails

You can optionally track when email recipients open your emails, and also track when they click on links in your emails.

To do this, start a MergeMail campaign. In the Tracking section in the MergeMail pane on the right, you can choose to enable tracking for opens and/or clicks. When you send the campaign, MergeMail will automatically track opens and clicks for each recipient.

To see statistics about these, go to the MergeMail website, click on Campaigns, then choose your campaign.

You can also enable MergeMail's automatic UTM codes. If you're not familiar with UTM codes, they're a great way to track which email campaigns your website traffic is coming from. You can learn more about them here.

For more information, see our help documentation.

More Features


  • Compare the performance of multiple campaigns and templates
  • Measure conversion rates with automatic UTM codes


  • Integrations with Gmail, Google Sheets, and Google Chrome
  • Send email to contacts from Salesforce, HubSpot CRM, and more


  • Share templates and campaigns with other team members
  • Compare the performance of team members' templates

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