• Create and use email templates within Gmail
  • Track the performance of your email templates

If you write email content and think that you might use it again in other {campaigns}, you can save it as a template.

To save a template, start a MergeMail campaign, write some content in your Gmail email, then click on Templates > Save in the MergeMail pane on the right. You can now use that template anytime in the future.

For more information, see our help documentation.

More Features

Scheduled Emails

  • Send your emails at a specified time
  • Optimize your open rates by sending at just the right time

Unlimited Emails

  • Send as many emails as you want on our Premium and Team plans using Delivery Integrations
  • Send email using your own email service to have full control

Personalized CC/BCC

  • Use a personalized CC and/or BCC value for each outgoing email
  • Personalize many parts of each of your emails


  • Compare the performance of multiple campaigns and templates
  • Measure conversion rates with automatic UTM codes

Personalized Links/Images

  • Use personalized links and images for each outgoing email
  • Simply put the link or image in a column to use it as a variable


  • Share templates and campaigns with other team members
  • Compare the performance of team members' templates


  • Unlike other mail merge tools, MergeMail does not require access to your entire Gmail inbox
  • MergeMail lets you choose which permissions you are comfortable granting to it

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