Mail merge

  • Personalize your emails with any fields that you want
  • Use values from Google Sheet columns in emails

To personalize your emails, use variables (e.g., {{First Name}}) in your email text. Each variable corresponds to a column name in your spreadsheet.

To add a variable to your email text, start a new campaign. In the MergeMail pane on the right, click Variables > Copy/paste..., then click on a variable. You can now paste that variable into your email.

For more information, see our help documentation.

More Features


  • Compare the performance of multiple campaigns and templates
  • Measure conversion rates with automatic UTM codes


  • Integrations with Gmail, Google Sheets, and Google Chrome
  • Send email to contacts from Salesforce, HubSpot CRM, and more


  • Share templates and campaigns with other team members
  • Compare the performance of team members' templates

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